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At East Side Pilates we teach the way the master himself intended it to be performed. Joseph Pilates' authentic exercises are taught in their traditional orders on the original equipment. Pilates is meant to be practiced as an integrated system, utilizing all the different pieces of equipment and mat exercises. The Pilates Method has been changing bodies and lives for nearly a century, and now it can do the same for you!

A Classes  -  $19 for 1  |  $85 for 5 | $160 for 10  |  $280 for 20

B Classes - $30 for 1  |  $135 for 5 | $250 for 10  |  $480 for 20

A+B Combo Package - $380 for 10 A + 10 B classes ($50 savings)


Private Lessons - $70 for 1  |  $340 for 5  |  $620 for 10

Duets - Price per person - $45 for 1  |  $215 for 5 | $400 for 10

Semi-Privates - Price per person (3-4) - $35 for 1  |  $165 for 5 | $300 for 10

Feel the Difference - 

$304 for 3 Private Lessons, 3 A & 3 B Classes ($54 savings)


See the Difference -

$683 for 8 Private Lessons, 6 A & 6 B Classes ($171 savings)


Whole New Body -

$961 for 12 Private Lessons, 9 A & 9 B Classes ($320 savings)



 Take A & B unlimited classes per month.

Membership will automatically renew on your card per month.

(limited to one class per day). 

Book Now

or contact Jesse

Intro Packages

for first time clients only, one time purchase

First Time Class Drop In - $15 for any class


Class Sampler - $79 for 2 A & 2 B Classes ($19 savings)

Intro to Pilates - $190 for 3 Private Lessons ($20 savings)

Intro to Duets - Price per person - $115 for 3 ($20 savings)

Book Now

or contact Jesse

Information on Signing up online

ESP does not have a front desk. Before attending class and/or booking an appointment please note the following steps:


- Create an account on MindBody Online and choose the classes you would like to take. A credit card number is required at this time to reserve your spot. Please be in touch with Jesse if there are any concerns.

- All of your account & class info can be viewed under the MY INFO tab. 


- You may decide after your class or lesson if you would like to purchase  a package & we can change your single class purchase towards any of our package options.  

ESP Policies

We understand that unanticipated events happen occasionally in everyone’s life. In our desire to be effective & fair to all clients, the following policies are honored. Thank you!


- A credit card is required on file to reserve a space in a Class or Private Lesson.


- Please be on time for class.


- All purchases are non-refundable and are only transferable to your spouse or partner. 

-All packages expire in 3 months, starting when you use your first visit.

- Please do not take calls in the studio. Ringers may be left on, but please take calls outside of studio.

- Classes require a 2 person minimum otherwise the class will be cancelled. You will be contacted via email first, if you don't respond a phone call or text will be made to ensure you are notified about class cancellation. 


- All classes must be pre-registered through the MindBody site. Please cancel at least 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged for class.


- Don't be afraid to get on the waitlist. You will get an email when your spot opens. Please reply or you will be confirmed for class if you don't reply for 24 hrs. If you get a spot within the last 24 hrs of class and cannot make it anymore, you will not be charged for class. 

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