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Jesse Masche


Jesse Masche is the driving force and heart of East Side Pilates. As acting studio manager and part owner Jesse sees over all operations at ESP. She has been a Rehab Specialist; certified in Exercise Prescription & Orthopedic Testing since 2009. Additionally, she has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for over 20 years, specializing currently in Deep Tissue Therapeutic massage. Jesse began training for her certification in mat Pilates in 2007 through Power Pilates. She then began her full apprenticeship in 2009, receiving her certification in Full Pilates Apparatus Training at Essence Pilates in Chicago in 2011. She was immediately asked to be a Pilates instructor in Milwaukee once her coursework was finished. Here she refined her skills as an instructor in constant practice.

In early 2013 The Pilates Garage was added to the existing Masche Chiropractic space in Greenfield, as Jesse and her parents wanted to create a space where clients could experience complete mind and body health. By December 2013, the Masche family had the opportunity to purchase East Side Pilates. Jesse took this opportunity to transform the space into a more modern design, using her expertise from her fashion design degree from IADT in Chicago, reflecting the younger, active clientele in the neighborhood. Next up was creating more workout options geared toward working professionals and students such as out-of-the-box classes to help “escape from body boredom." Jesse wanted both studios to reflect the mission of breaking out from your normal workout and mental routine to see real changes in your body and life.


A common phrase spoken by Jesse is, “If not now, when?” You can usually find her standing tall and confident under this very statement, hung on the ESP studio wall. Although she is cracking jokes, rocking layers of Pilates gear, and pumping eclectic music mixes throughout classes, Jesse is all business when it comes to getting her clients in shape. She has zero time for “nos” or uttering the word “impossible” here. Her rule is, once you are in her studio, “I don’t let you say negative things or bring in the word ‘can’t’. I want you to always try. Once you are in my class, we start from ‘I’ll try’ and move forward.”

Before finding Pilates, Jesse had a deep love of gymnastics and running to push her body to the next level. From the age of 4 into her teenage years she exercised using these methods until her routine ceased challenging her. Jesse began training for a marathon in Chicago during her undergraduate degree, and was in search of a new high octane cross training method to improve her stamina and time. Serendipitously, this is when she discovered Pilates.

“I found Pilates was all about healthy precise and subtle movements. The more you practice the less of them you needed to do because they are THAT efficient if done correctly. So it wasn’t a superficial workout, it was a deeper smaller muscle workout that was more complete than anything out there.” Once armed with this knowledge, skill and education, Jesse focused on giving her clients the same experience in being present in their body, moving more every day and understanding the position and language of Pilates so each movement is an efficient power fueled workout.

Jamie Landry


Jamie has been a student of movement her whole life, from competitive sports to dance to yoga to Pilates – and the list won’t stop there! She believes that in order to be a well-rounded teacher, one must continuously be the student, and she strives to dedicate time daily to focus on her own movement practice. Jamie combines her extensive movement education history to create unique group classes and individualized private sessions in both yoga and Pilates. Her teaching highlights the concepts of breath and functional alignment, a sense of flow that stems from her dance background, and she encourages students to feel their way through their movement practice and honor his or her own body daily. Jamie holds an Advanced Teacher Training Program Certification via Debby Orlando of The Pilates Center of Boulder, and a 200-HR Yoga Teacher Training Certification from Shayne Broadwell of Core Essence Yoga. Jamie is eager to share with and learn from her students.


Mair Culbreth


Mair is a certified Pilates Instructor with an M.S. in Kinesiology. Her kinesiology studies, the scientific study of human movement, focused on biomechanics, exercise physiology, somatic and socio-cultural perspectives on movement. She completed a Comprehensive Pilates Certification in San Francisco, CA with Pilates Education Lab at Sanchez Street Studios in 2007. She holds a Ph.D. in Dance Studies from The Ohio State University and is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor of Dance at UWM. With almost 20 years as a movement educator, Mair employs a multi-disciplinary and integrative approach to Pilates, drawing from her background in Modern dance, Iyengar yoga, massage therapy, developmental movement studies, somatic work, rock climbing, and cycling to facilitate embodied awareness. Most recently, she taught Pilates within a physical therapy practice working to transition people with injuries from PT to address the underlying structural imbalances that led to injury and resume an active, engaged living. She worked at Stanford University on an NIH funded study researching physical activity and health outcomes for older adults that contributed to health insurance legislation. As the department chair of Body-Mind Education for Lick-Wilmerding High School, Mair designed and implemented a curriculum for students that incorporated movement practice and mindfulness as a core philosophy of the school in order to reduce stress and precursors to chronic disease.

Teaching Pilates and Modern Dance while pregnant and post-pregnancy, Mair enjoys working with pre- and post-natal mothers to support the new ways in which their bodies function. Her current Pilates research and teaching practice focuses on movement, brain function, and active aging with attention to specific populations such as people with Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and other neurodegenerative diagnoses. “I believe fully in the importance of movement for optimal health,” says Mair, “and my goal as a movement educator is to facilitate your path in order to do what you love to do. Whether it’s reducing or eliminating chronic pain, being strong and flexible enough to play with your kids and grandkids, recovering from illness or injury to resume activities of daily living, or to balance and train the body for a performance or athletic event, we create a plan and work together to achieve your goals and desires. I know that a lifelong physical activity practice and embodied engagement cultivates a healthy and meaningful life and I love working with people in this process!” As Joseph Pilates says, “Change happens through movement and movement heals.”


Jen Schoshinski


Jen has been working in the health and fitness field for over 12 years.  She is a graduate of the Advanced Teacher Training Program of the Pilates Center, Boulder Colorado.  Now a PMA certified Pilates Teacher, Jen started her fitness career as a Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach.  She also holds a BA in Management and Communications from Concordia University and studied Dietetics at Mount Mary College.


Jen's passion is helping clients of all ages and ability levels find their path to healthy, strong bodies.  With a focus on Body, Mind and Spirit, she guides each client to reach his or her optimal fitness level through safe, effective movements.  Jen believes in providing a supportive, light-hearted, positive environment in which clients will work hard and have fun. 

Come play with her at East Side Pilates!

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