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*How do i book a private lesson/Duet lesson/semi-private lesson? 


Email days or times that would work for your schedule and jesse will coordinate you with an available instructor.


*What is the difference between a private, duet, or semi-private?


Private lesson: customized lesson for one person in a private lesson. A private lesson could help if you have an injury old or new or have special needs, if you are a beginner or new to Pilates or Yoga, if you have never taken group classes before, if you want to work on specific exercises that maybe you are struggling with in group classes. 


Duet lesson: customized lesson for two people. Preferably if the two people are at the same fitness level or have the same movement goals. 


Semi-Private lesson: customized lesson for 3-4 people. Great if you have a group of friends that want to workout together and you can't get into a class, or if you are wanting a specific time when we don’t have a class on the schedule, great if you are wanting a specific movement goal. 


*If you are new or a beginner…where to start?


a couple of recommendations… purchase the Intro to Privates package which is 3 private lessons at a discounted rate. You could try the Class Sampler package if you are confident to hop into group classes, it gives you 2 “A” classes and 2 “B” classes so you can see which classes you like best. We also have 3 bigger packages that have private lessons and group classes at a discounted rate…more bang for your buck!


*What is the difference between an “A” class and a “B” class?


an “A’ class is: jumpboard or Mat Class or Virtual classes


a “B” class is: all the equipment classes


each class states wether it is A or B on the MindBody schedule online.


*Can I purchase online? 


Yes! the online store has all of our services available for purchase except for the Intro Packages which you can just email and she will run your stored credit card for the purchase. 


*What is your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy requires 24-hour notice for private lessons and a 12-hour notice for group classes. Late cancellations will incur charges. For package holders, a late cancel will deduct one class/private from your package.  

*What classes use the CoreAlign equipment? 


CoreAlign can be requested in any private lesson.


*How do i see my profile information with future booked appointments or classes and purchases?


click ‘MINDBODY” to login and click “my info”

*Do you offer Pilates Teacher Training?

Not at this time. Please email Jesse about any questions,

*Do you offer Online Pilates Classes?

YES!!! Check out our PILATES CHRONICLES to rent a single class or get a month unlimited membership.  Learn more here.

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